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Pregnancy Chiropractic Care in Lincoln

Adjustment on pregnant patientChiropractic is a safe and gentle way to ease the aches and pains that are common in pregnancy. Women don’t have many options when it comes to alleviating symptoms during pregnancy, but chiropractic offers an effective, natural, drug-free alternative.

Webster Technique

Dr. Tara Mohl is certified in the Webster Technique, which helps balance the sacrum and the hips to reduce torsion and relive intrauterine stress. Creating proper alignment of the pelvis allows for optimal positioning of the baby for delivery and may give the mother the option of a natural, drug-free birth.

We can make adjustments during pregnancy more comfortable for our expectant moms using drop tables, which allow a woman to lie on her belly for her adjustment or lighter force techniques.

A Healthy Start for Baby

Healthy babies come from healthy mothers, and chiropractic is an excellent way to optimize your health and give your baby the best chance at a healthy start.

You need to be able to move and function at a high level of health. Chiropractic improves alignment and restores flexibility, which usually means easier, faster laboring and a quick, smooth delivery. Regular adjustments in pregnancy can reduce intrauterine restraint and provide an optimal environment in which baby can grow.[/two_thirds]

Let us be a part of this special time in your life. Find out how chiropractic can ease the symptoms of pregnancy and prepare you for a better experience with labor and delivery. Contact us today!


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Pregnancy Chiropractic Care in Lincoln